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Early Fall is the perfect time to get your fence ready for winter.  Fall is also a great time to get the rest of your yard ready for the long cold winter months too.  Fall clean up makes it easier in the Spring to do your spring clean up.

Before the snow flies it is important to inspect your fence for damage from wood rot, warped boards, missing boards, and rotted fence posts.  Make sure the fence post are structurally sound and will not move when pushed against.  Also check any metal latches and metal hinges for rust and replace them if necessary.

Signs of Wood Rot:

  • Posts are loose and wobbly
  • Gate sags and won’t close
  • Boards are caving in
Rotted Wood
Rotted Wood Fencing

When checking your fence for damage it is also important to make sure your wooden fence can handle the weight and moisture that the snow will bring.  Snow can be very heavy and a rotted fence can be pulled down with a lot of snow.  The persistent moisture that your fence will experience in winter can increase the chances of wood rot and a rotted fence will not last through a long winter if it is already rotted to begin with.

Protecting Your Wood Fence Through Winter

Before the temperature gets cold it is a good idea to stain or paint your fence, deck, or railings.  This will give your wood a protective coat to help with wood rot when the weather gets cold and damp.

A great tip to help you decide if you need to waterproof your wood fence is the “splash test”.  Splash water on your wood fence and see if the water beads up.  If the water beads up your fence is still protected.  If not then you should stain or paint your fence.

Keeping Your Yard Clean Helps Your Wood Fence

Fall Fence Care
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Keeping your yard clean will help your wood fence last longer.  Wood rot can happen at the base of the fence when old leaves, grass, and other yard debris accumulate around the bottom trapping moisture.  Make sure to rake your yard free of old leaves and other plant waste.  Snow piling up on old leaves will trap in moisture and cause your fence to rot rapidly.  It only takes a few seasons of miss care to badly damage a wooden fence.

This is also a great time to trim bushes and trees.  Plants growing right up to and touching your fence can cause wood rot.  Over hanging tree branches will hang lower once laden with heavy snow and could potentially damage your wood fence.

Heavy Snow Fall and Your Wood Fence

Heavy wet snow can damage a wood fence.  After a large snow fall it is a good idea to brush away the snow from your fence.  Snow will trap in moisture on the wood of your fence causing it to rot.  Brush way the snow from the base and top if possible.

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Should You Replace Your Wood Fence?

After carefully inspecting your wood fence it will be important to decide if you should repair it or just replace the fence.  An old wooden fence that is badly damaged should just be replaced.  You will spend more time and money trying to resurrect an old wooden fence and then still have to replace it in a few years or even the next season.  If your fence just needs a post or two and some paint then just repair the wood fence.

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