Inspect and Repair Your Deck

Doing a yearly inspection and any repairs of your deck will help keep it safe and cut down on repair bills later.  Find a time when the weather is good and take a close look at your deck, railings, and fencing before the weather gets too cold to repair or stain if needed.

Doing Your Inspection

Deck Railing
Deck Railing Installed By Central Iowa Fencing

It is important to pay special attention to any parts of your deck that is close to the ground or any areas of moisture accumulation.  Any area that is within six inches of the ground should be looked at close.  Look at areas around planters, downspouts, or low laying areas that can accumulate water during rains or may just have standing water.  These areas are more prone to rot your wood decking and fencing.

TIP:  Always clean off leaves from your deck.  Leaves accumulating on your deck will cause moisture to get trapped and will promote wood rot.

Cut any trees or shrubs that are on or around your deck.  Allow for enough area for air to circulate so mold and algae do not build up on your deck or siding.  Keep grass trim around your deck so moisture does not accumulate.

 Check Structural Members

Check all the structural members of your deck for wood rot.  Check all the the deck stairs and the stringers meet the ground.  The stringers are the saw-tooth notched piece that supports the steps.  You should also check the perimeter post too.  You can use a screwdriver to check for rotted wood boards on your deck.  If you can push the screwdriver into the wood a quarter inch or more than you probably have rot.

Areas of rot that are small about the size of a coin can be removed with a chisel and treated with a wood preservative.  If the rot is a larger area than the structural member must be replaced.  If you cannot do this yourself it would be a good idea to hire a handyman or contractor to do the job properly.

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Inspecting the Deck Ledger

The ledger is a very important piece of your deck and should be inspected carefully.  The ledger is the part that attaches to the house.  Get a flashlight and inspect the underneath  and around the ledger.  The ledger should be attached with lag screws and nails.  Check the flashing to make sure it is free of rust and holes.  The flashing is the metal cap that covers the top of the ledger and prevents moisture from getting behind the siding.  A badly damaged ledger can cause a deck to collapse so it is a good idea to inspect your deck every year for rot.

Check the posts, beams, and remaining joists.  Check all the hardware underneath paying special attention to the joists hangers.  Replace any hardware that is extremely rusted.  Any signs of rot it is a good idea to call a professional to make the repairs.

Old Deck

Cracks or Rotted Decking

If you find rotted deck boards you should replace it.  Cracking boards will get worse over time.  Large cracks should be replaced.

Deck Railings

Check the deck railings for loose posts or rot damage.  Try shaking the posts to make sure they are sturdy.  Look for any cracks that may have formed around the hardware including screws or nails.

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Fall Deck Maintenance – Wood Decks

Fall is a great time to do outside chores like yard cleanup or deck maintenance on your wood deck.  Wood decks take a lot of abuse from foot traffic, chairs being moved around, dirt, leaves, and other debris accumulating on your deck.  Fall is the last time before winter sets in to clean, paint,  or seal your deck before the harsh weather rolls in.

Old Deck
Old Deck – No Maintenance

Why Maintain Your Wood Deck

Why should you maintain your wood deck?  Wood decking can rot, warp, or splinter if not properly taken care of.  Mold and algae can accumulate on the deck boards making them slippery and unsightly.  Not properly maintaining your deck will lead it to costly repairs or it will need to be re-decked.  Regular maintenance will help your wood deck last for years or regular use.

Fall Cleanup and Maintenance of Your Wood Deck

 Sweep the surface of your wood deck to get all the loose dirt off the deck boards.  You can also use a pressure washer if you have one, this will make the job easier.  Make sure to clean out in between the boards any dirt accumulation.  Cut and trim any bushes or plants growing on or next to the deck that can cause rotting.  Plants should be at least 12 inches from deck to avoid mold and algae growth on your wood deck.  You should keep any down spouts that are by you deck in good repair so they channel water away from your deck properly.

Choosing a Deck Cleaner

Choose a cleaner made for wood decks.  If you don’t have a deck cleaner, you can make your own with water and a little bit of bleach added to the water.  Buy a sturdy scrub brush to help loosen up dirt and mold growth.

Make Your Own Deck Cleaner Solution – Mold & Rust

*Mix (1) tablespoon of oxalic acid crystals (wood bleach) with (1) gallon of water.

*Remove grease stains by applying powered laundry detergent directly to the stain and scrub with a brush.  Let it stand for 10 minutes then rinse off with the hose.

Make Your Own – Regular Bleach Cleaner

Add 1/2 gallon of bleach to (2) gallons of water.  Pour in 1/4 cup of dish detergent and mix well until it suds.  Use a large brush of push broom to scrub the entire deck surface until you remove all the dirt and then rise off with water.

 Seal or Paint Your Deck Before Winter

Winter weather brings cold temperatures and moisture that can harm your deck so before Fall is over it is a good idea to seal or paint your wood deck.  There are many sealers and stains on the market to choose from and they will range in price too.

Sealing or Staining Your Deck

 Choose a weekend when the weather is good with clear sky and moderate temperatures for a few days.

1). Make sure your deck is clean and remove all patio furniture, planters, gardening items, or toys.

2). Lightly sand you wood deck with a sander equipped with an 80 – grit sand paper.

3). Replace any missing nails and screws and hammer down any popped up nails.

4).  Apply your sealer or stain to your deck surface with a roller covering 3 – 4 boards at a time.  Use brushes and small rollers for smaller areas like wood railings, wood planters, or benches.  Don’t let the sealer puddle.  Apply two thin coats.

Tip: It is better to apply two thin coats than one thick coat.

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New Deck – A Home Investment


Adding a new deck to your home is a great home investment.  Adding a new deck increases your living space of your home.  Depending on the area you live a new deck will vary on how much it adds to your home value.  Most people looking to buy a home are interested in entertaining guests and spending time with family and friends.  A new deck and fence is a great addition to your yard too!

After being Re-Decked by Central Iowa Fencing

Areas of the country where the temperature is more mild and people spend more time outside you will get a bigger return on your investment than in colder climates.  This should not deter you because a deck whether is is new or refinished will make your home more appealing for home buyers.


Deck Contractor

Central Iowa Fencing is a contractor located in Ankeny Iowa.  We specialize in decks, fencing, custom gates, and hand railings for business, residential, and agricultural. Give us a call today!

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Decking – Your Material Options For A Great Deck

New Deck
New deck installed by Central Iowa Fencing

When choosing a deck it is a good idea to factor in a few things like, type of materials, maintenance costs, and the longevity of the materials before you purchase your decking or have a deck installed.

If you are planning on building a new deck or refinishing an existing deck you will need to decide on what materials you will use.  Today a variety of materials are available from synthetics to a variety of woods.

Types of Materials for Decks

Back Yard Deck
New deck installed by Central Iowa Fencing

Cedar for Decking

Cedar has a natural beauty that is unmatched.  Cedar has been a decking favorite for years and is affordable.  As far as maintenance goes, cedar decking needs to be stained yearly.  This will add to the cost of the deck over the years.  Cedar with regular maintenance with last for 15 – 20 years.

Redwood for Decking

Redwood is very expensive and usually only available on the west Coast.  Redwood is strong and light-weight.  Redwood with regular maintenance with last for 15 – 20 years.

Pressure-Treated Wood for Decking

Pressure-treated wood is great for decking.  Pressure – treated decking is low cost and materials are easy to work with.  Pressure – treated lumber can last for decades if properly maintained.  Pressure-treated wood should be sealed every (2) years.

Composite Decking
Composite Decking

Composite for Decking

Composites are made from wood fiber combined with recycled polyethylene.  Composite decking is low-maintenance and very attractive.  Composite decking comes in a variety of colors and textures that look like real wood.  Low-maintenance composite decking just needs to be washed off with a hose to continue to look good.

Vinyl for Decking

Vinyl (PVC) decking is rapidly gaining favor as a decking material.  Vinyl decking is a low-maintenance option.  Vinyl decking is also available in a variety of colors to match fencing or compliment siding colors.  Vinyl decking will not rot, warp, or discolor like wood decking.

Decking Maintenance Costs

Different decking materials will have different cost for maintenance and time required to do the maintenance.  Wood decking will always need to be sealed every couple of years.  Wood decking will also need to be washed, sanded, and resealed to keep it looking good.

Synthetic materials like vinyl or composite decking will require a lot less maintenance and will be cheaper in the long run to maintain.

Central Iowa Fencing is a contractor specializing in decks, fencing, and hand railings for business and homeowners.

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Wood Deck Maintenance – Keep Your Deck Looking Good

After Being Re-Decked by Central Iowa Fencing

Decks are a great way to enhance your outdoor living are and help improve your home value.  Most people love to entertain their guests outside during the summer months and nothing is worst than have an old weathered deck with wood splinters, discoloration, and rotted boards.  To keep your wood deck in good sound structural shape and keep the natural beauty of your wood intact it is important to do a little deck maintenance.

Does A Wood Deck Need Maintenance?

Most wood decks are made with pressure treated wood but some are also made of redwood which has a natural preservative in it.  A deck built with good quality pressure treated pine with last for years but it can start to splinter and discolor after only a few months if not properly maintained.  By not properly maintaining your deck it can dry out and splinter and discolor.

Should I Seal My New Deck?

You should seal your wood deck to help keep it looking good and protect it from the elements.  A deck sealed will be easier to clean off dirt.  Cleaning and sealing a deck will also kill and remove any organic mater growing on the boards like algae.  You should seal your wood deck after a few weeks, giving it time to stabilize.

How To Maintain A Wood Deck?

To maintain your wood deck it is recommended to check your deck once a year  for rotted or loose wood boards and protruding nails.  When cleaning your wood deck you should remove all the dirt, algae, and moss growing on your deck.  To seal your wood deck apply a clear or semi-clear wood sealant.

Old Deck
Old Deck – No Maintenance

What Happens If I Don’t Maintain My Deck?

Many people never do anything to their deck.  Deck maintenance will make the wood deck look good for years and will cut down on wood splinters.  Dirt and organic matter accumulates on decks and can make them slippery, which can be a potential safety hazard.

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Can I Hire Someone To Maintain It For Me?

You can hire someone to maintain your deck for you.  Hiring a contractor to maintain and repair your deck is a good idea, especially for older homeowners.  Today’s busy lifestyle can make it hard to find time to do maintenance and repairs.

Central Iowa Fencing is a contractor located in Central Iowa that specializes in decks, fences, custom gates, and railings.  New deck installation or deck restoration is also offered by our expert craftsman.

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Finding a Deck Contractor

New Deck
New Deck Installed by Central Iowa Fencing

Do you need to find a deck contractor and don’t know where to start?  Having a new deck built can be expensive and have a good contractor is a must.  Your new deck will be a great addition to your home when done right.

While calling a bunch of places and finding the right contractor can be daunting, it will be worth all the effort.  Once your new deck is built you will have years of enjoyment and it will help improve the value of your home.

Call Local Deck Contractors

It is a good idea to call around to find a good contractor you feel comfortable with and have the experience and know-how to complete the job.  It is a good idea to have a list of questions you will want to ask ready.

1).  Are you licensed and insured?

2).  How mush experience do you have?

3).  Are your employees background checked?

4).  Do you have a list of references?

5).  Do you have actual pictures of previous customer jobs?  Do they have written customer testimonials?

6).  Ask the contractor if they do other jobs like fences, gates, railings …etc.

 Check The Contractors References

 Check the contractors references.  Are their employees background checked.  Check to see if they are licensed and insured.  Check their customer testimonials to see how satisfied their customers are.  A company with lots of happy satisfied customers is going to be more likely to make you a satisfied customer as well.  If the deck contractor has an Angie’s Page listing or a BBB page it is a great idea to check those too.

New Decks and Deck Restoration

Getting a new deck or having your old deck refinished is a good investment in your home.  Quality work and deck construction will make your deck last for years of use and enjoyment.

Finding a Good Deck Contractor in Central Iowa

Finding a good contractor in the Central Iowa area is easy to do.  The experts at Central Iowa Fencing are experienced in new deck installation and deck restoration.  Central Iowa Fencing is experienced in building decks, fencing, custom gates, and railings for homeowners, businesses, and agricultural uses.

Central Iowa Fencing, fence, contractor, fencing
Central Iowa Fencing Ltd. Fence Contractor in Central Iowa

Central Iowa Fencing

Central Iowa Fencing is licensed and insured.  We background check our employees.  We have over 16+ years experience with decking and fencing.

No job is too big or too small!

We have references, pictures from previous jobs, and many happy customer testimonials on our Central Iowa Fencing website, Angie’s List, and the BBB.

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Deck Restoration – Make Your Deck New Again

Composite Decking
Composite Decking

Make your old deck look new again with Central Iowa Fencing composite decking material.  Save money and time by re-decking your old deck.  Composite decking will make your old deck look new again and will last for years and is virtually maintenance free.  No more painting or staining!

Benefits of Re-Decking

  1. Removes unsightly screws or nails in your deck boards with hidden fasteners that are commonly used in new composite decks.
  2. Dramatically changes the look of the deck and eliminates virtually all maintenance for the homeowner.
  3. No more staining and painting.  Composite decking adds beauty and value to your property.
  4. Composite decking last a long time, longer than wood.

Cost Saving of Re-Decking

Re-decking your old deck can save a lot of money for the homeowners.  After your deck has been finished it will look like new again and because your are not replacing it with an entirely new deck it will be cheaper that building new.  If your deck structure is in good sturdy shape and is not rotted you can have it refinished with composite decking.

Need a Deck Contractor?

Central Iowa Fencing can repair, restore, or build you a new deck.  We are a family owned company and are located in Central Iowa.  We can help you with your deck whether you need and new deck or your refinished.

Before Re-Decking by Central Iowa Fencing
After being Re-Decked by Central Iowa Fencing

Before and after pictures show how beautiful a refinished deck can be!

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Central Iowa Fencing

Central Iowa Fencing is located in Central Iowa at 1503 S. Ankeny Blvd. Ankeny, IA 50023. We have over 15+ years experience with decking and fencing installation. Central Iowa Fencing is licensed and insured and all employees are back ground checked.

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Need a New Deck?

Raised deck built by central Iowa Fencing
Raised deck built by Central Iowa Fencing

Do you need a new deck?  Maybe you are wondering if you can find a good deck contractor in your area.  Well if you are in the Central Iowa area then you are in luck.  The experts at Central Iowa Fencing can help you with your new deck, fence, railing, or gate.


Adding a new deck will greatly expand your outdoor entertaining area and will add value to your home.  A new deck is a great way to utilize more of your property and provides a place to relax and unwind from the day.


No job is too small or too big!

Central Iowa Fencing is licensed and bonded.   All of our employees are background checked to insure our customer’s safety.

Back Yard Deck
New deck installed by Central Iowa Fencing

Central Iowa Fencing can help you plan the deck of your dreams.  Whether it is just a small deck  or a large deck, no job is to small or too big.  Central Iowa Fencing can help plan and build your new deck or fence.  We offer a variety of railing that can compliment any style of deck you choose.


Solar Lightning for Decks and Fencing

Central Iowa Fencing want you to get the very most out of your new deck.  We can also install solar lightning to help make your deck safe at night for visitors and guests.  Solar lightning is a low voltage lightning source and can be installed on fence posts and stair risers.  Solar lightning is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home and outdoor living area.  The best part about solar lightning is that it doesn’t need to be wired in and uses no electricity, which makes it cost effective.

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