How to Keep Your Wood Deck Looking Good

AFTERA wood deck can last for years if properly cared for, on the other hand it can also deteriorate very quickly if it is not properly taken care of.  If you take care of your deck it will last a long time and also look good.  Taking the time to follow a few simple preventive tips to wood deck care will also help cut down an the maintenance required too.

Wood decks take a lot of abuse year round.  Winter snow and ice accumulation can rot and warp your deck.  Fall can bring dead leaves accumulating on the deck surface trapping water and dirt that will also cause rot.  Summertime brings harsh UV rays for the sun that can cause the wood to dry out and fade.  Spring rains can bring rain water pooling up causing rot and mold growth.

Wood Deck Tips

1).  The most important thing is to NOT trap dirt.  Keep your wood deck free from dirt by sweeping it regularly.  Clean under pot and planters.

2).  If you have a grill on your deck you should remove the grease from the deck surface.  Grease stains are hard to remove so it is a good idea to just keep it off of your deck.  You a grease catcher.

3). Regular sweeping will prevent leaves and dirt accumulation.

4). Keep you deck sealed.  Reseal your deck every two to three years.

5).  During winter it is important to keep your deck shoveled even if it is not in use.  Keeping wet snow and ice off your deck will help it last longer.

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Finding a Good Deck Contractor In Iowa

New Deck
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Building a new deck is an important new addition onto your home and finding a good contractor to get the job done is important to any homeowner.  The new deck will be a good investment and help improve the value of your home. A new deck will increase the living space of your home and be a great place to entertain friend and family or just relax.


Finding a Good Contractor to Build Your Deck

Finding a good contractor will save you so much time, money, and aggravation.  Always hire a professional with good references.  Any good contractor should be able to supply you with references of previous satisfied customers.

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 After asking for the company references your should actually follow up on the references they give you to see how satisfied their customers actually were.

Interview the Deck Contractor

It is a good idea to have a list of questions to ask the contractor.  Examples of questions are:

1).  Are you licensed and insured.

2).  How long have you been in business?

3).  Can you give me references that I can contact?

4).  Do you warranty your work?

5).  How long will the project take and when can you start?

6).  Do you have a supervisor on site during the work?

7).  Are your employees background checked?

After You have Hired the Deck Contractor

After you have hired the deck contractor that is going to build your new deck it is time to go over a sign the work contract.  Things to consider are:

* A copy of the insurance documentation and contractor’s license.

*  After the project is over the clean up details.

*  The completion date.

*  Details on permits and design approvals.