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Cedar Planter Boxes – Add Color to Your Home

Cedar Planters
Cedar Planters Made from 100% Recycled Wood

Add a splash of color and beautify any space with a beautiful planter box full of colorful blooming flowers.  Do you want delicious fresh herbs for your cooking?  Plant a mini herb garden in a large garden planter box.

Beautiful cedar planter boxes are made from 100% recycled cedar wood.  These beautiful cedar planter boxes are sturdy and well made and will last for years in your garden or on a patio or porch.

These beautiful cedar planter boxes are made by Central Iowa Fencing and come in three sizes to fit any size area.

Potted Fern
Small Cedar Planter Box

(Outside Dimensions)

  1. Small Planter Box 19″ W X 19″ D X 15″ H
  2. Medium Planter Box 31″ W X 19″ D X 15″ H
  3. Large Planter Box 43″ W X 19″ D X 15″ H

These beautiful cedar planter boxes are ready for pickup only.

Sorry no shipping on cedar planter boxes.

Call us at (515) 829 – 8117 to order your cedar planter boxes.

Or email us your order at office@centraliowafencing.com

For more information on these beautiful cedar planter boxes please visit out website today!


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